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What Parents Are Saying . . .

When my husband and I started looking for a pre-school for our oldest daughter, we immediately thought of Little Tot. We are both from this area and were familiar with the school. However, we did not know that the school was under new management. Once we entered our daughter in the program we were so impressed! The staff, classroom environment, and what our daughter was being taught was so beyond our expectations. Mrs. Borrero (and her staff) take the time to know each student individually. From personal preferences (child's favorite color, food, etc..) to each child's learning style and level. Mrs. Borrero's staff is kind, gentle, and very understanding of all the children enrolled. The school is a true gem and we feel the best pre-school program the area has to offer.

- Sheila M. Shover
Mother of Madison Shover (Little Tot Graduate 2006) 
and Grace Shover (currently enrolled, class of 2008)

To Mrs.. D and all the other student teachers at Little Tots,

I want to let you all know how much my husband and I love that our son, Bryce was able to attend Little Tots pre-school. When Bryce started school he was not used to interacting with kids his own age and had problems with stuttering and speaking in the third person. Since his time at Little Tots, he know longer stutters and does not refer to himself third person when he speaks. We find that when he is home he is singing songs and teaching my husband and I activities that he has learned at school. He is much better with sharing and has made some really good friends and looks forward to his days at school when he can see them again. There are some things he has shown me that I didn't even know he knew,and I am impressed with the level of knowledge he has at only three years old.

My husband and I enjoy when we can come to school for activities. It's a fun time to see what he is learning and to meet with other parents. Mrs.. D and her staff are always friendly and I like how we can see displays of what kinds of crafts, pictures, etc. the chilen in the class have made. I feel that Mrs.. D is very open with us about Bryce's progress and keeps communication open if there were any concerns that we may have. My son enjoys making snacks with me to bring into class and loves to come home to let me know what activities are coming up in class.

I am glad my husband and I chose Little Tots for Bryce's pre-school. He has made really good friends and we are happy to see how much he has progressed this year.

Thanks to Mrs.. D and all the other staff at Little Tots.

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