What Parents Are Saying . . .

To Mrs.. D and all the other student teachers at Little Tots,

I want to let you all know how much my husband and I love that our son, Bryce was able to attend Little Tots pre-school. When Bryce started school he was not used to interacting with kids his own age and had problems with stuttering and speaking in the third person. Since his time at Little Tots, he know longer stutters and does not refer to himself third person when he speaks. We find that when he is home he is singing songs and teaching my husband and I activities that he has learned at school. He is much better with sharing and has made some really good friends and looks forward to his days at school when he can see them again. There are some things he has shown me that I didn't even know he knew,and I am impressed with the level of knowledge he has at only three years old.


Q: What materials will I need to purchase or send to school with my child?
A: In August you will receive a school supply list. This list asks for items such as glue, markers, tissues, wipes...etc. that P1100232will be used by the class throughout the year. Each child will need to bring a back pack to school each day.


Q: How old does my child need to be to attend your program?
A: We offer pre-kindergarten programs for children 18 months-5 years. You can choose from 2 or 3 half-days depending on the needs of your child.  


Q: Why can't my child attend the Nursery all day?
A: We do not offer full day child care.


Q: When can I register my child in your program?
A: You can register your child at anytime for any year (whether it be for next year or 2 years from now). The registration fee is $65.00 and is non-refundable. Paid registration holds your child's spot in class. We have open-enrollment all year, which means your child can start at any time if we have an opening. The most popular start times are September and January. We recommend that you register your child 6 months to 1 year in advance. Please feel free to contact us!


Q: What if I want to pull my child out?
A: A two week notice is required if you wish to pull your child out of school and you are responsible for paying for those two weeks of tuition.


Q: Besides tuition and registration, are there any other fees we are required to pay?
A: The only other fees are for Graduation (4 year olds) and Moving Up Day (3 year olds). These fees cover the cost of the children's caps, gowns, and diploma for Graduation;and hat , medal and custom made shirt for Moving Up Day. If your child does not participate in these activities, then you do not have to pay the fees.


Q: Does my child need to be potty trained to attend the Nursery?
A: No. Please send in pull ups and a few sets of clothes.

Q: Who provides snack?
A:  There is a sign up sheet in the front of the room for families to volunteer to send in snack.  We ask that each family send in a snack for the class at least 1 time per month. 

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