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I love Little Tots, from the colorful classroom to the friendly faces. My son Connor wasn't interested at all in learning. We played games with him and tried to make it fun but we had no luck, he would rather do anything else. Until Little Tots, Connor walked in on the first day of school and realized hows much fun it was to learn. Now, we fight with him on the weekends because there is no school. Connor has learned so much, and he wants to tell everyone the things he has learned. He loves to sing his ABC's and count EVERYTHING! He has not only learned academically he has also made some great friends at Little Tots including Mrs. D and Ms. Ara. Little Tots has done great things for Connor and all the kids that are lucky enough to go there and Mrs. D has turned it into a top notch preschool. Thanks!

Maribeth & Ryan Fogarty Collin class of 2006 Connor Class of 2009 Addison & Emma class of 2012



Dress Code:
Please send your child to school in PLAY CLOTHES. Closed toed shoes are required for the playground. NO FLIP FLOPS! School shirts are available for purchase. 


Our Curriculum:
Our curriculum focuses on socialization. For most children this is their first time away from home and their first time with a group of peers. They will learn to work together, share, use their manners, and explore their environment. They will also be exposed to ABC's, colors, shapes, numbers, art, gross motor skills, fine motor development, language, Science, simple math,handwriting, Spanish, projects, art, music, dance, and many movement activities! We are a play- based nursery school. All activities are taught at the child's pace and through a hands on manner. Our students DO NOT get homework assignments. Our Kindergarten bound students will participate in our handwriting and phonics programs.  We use the Handwriting without Tears Curriculum. 


At Little Tot Nursery School your child will learn by doing. Here 90% of the activities are done hands on by the children. Circle time includes listening activities (when the teacher is reading or speaking to the children) and physical activities, where the children act out a story or song. The children also have certain responsibilities, such as clean up, putting their belongings in their back pack and serving their own snack. All of this takes time to learn, but by mid year...they are experts!


Our day has a certain structure, but I am very flexible and tailor to the individual needs of my students.

Our Spanish Immersion Program follows the same rhythm, but the teachers speak exclusively in Spanish!img-firetruck

Here is the order in which our program flows:


Center Time
The children are free to participate in any activity they wish throughout the classroom.

Block Center, Writing Center, Dramatic Play Center, Book Corner, Puzzles and Table Toys, Store, Wood Working, Sensory Tables (wet or dry), Painting Easel, Science Center, Light Table, and Snack Center.


During center time your child will play and explore in the above areas as well as participate in daily art lessons. During art your child will be learning important fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, scissor skills, glue skills, following directions, creativity and much more! The children do not have to participate in art if they do not want to, but we do our best to encourage them to join in.


During center time the teacher works on handwriting and phonics lessons with the older students.  We will also work on writing their name. 


During this time frame the Snack Center is also open. The children can go to the snack center when they feel hungry and eat. The Snack Center consists of picnic table with 2 food choices, water and juice. At the table there are cups, plates, napkins and a sponge to clean spills. The children are taught to wash their hands prior to eating snack. After they eat they clear their spot and leave the area clean for the next child. Our younger students tend to need more assistance in the snack center. There is always a teacher nearby to help.


Clean Up Time
The bell rings, clean up music is turned on , and the children begin to put all the toys back where they belong. Most of the cleaning is done by the teachers. The children put away whatever they are using at the time the bell rings.


 Circle Time
During Circle Time our we work on social skills, finger plays, gross motor skills, counting, shape, letter , and number recognition. We also talk about monthly themes, up coming events, listen to stories and sing songs.


 Playground Time
Weather permitting. If we are unable to go outside we will have a second circle time, Yoga, Story or Free Play.


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