What Parents Are Saying . . .

People often ask me why I drive so far to take Jake to preschool. "Don't you have any schools where you live?" they say. And I always reply with the same answer, "Of course, but Little Tot is the BEST."


As a former elementary school teacher, I knew exactly what I was looking for in a nursery school for my children.  When my husband and I started looking for schools for Jakob, we contacted seven schools in the Capital District.  We made appointments to visit all of them.  Little Tots was our fourth appointment, and when we got home from our initial visit, we called and cancelled the rest of our appointments.  We didn’t need to see any more.

I worried about Jakob’s socialization skills in the beginning because he did not often have the opportunity to play with children his own age.  I was also nervous because he had been undergoing speech therapy; I thought he might have trouble communicating with the other children.  Ms. B had so many fantastic ideas to make the transition an easy one, for him and us!  She gave us tools to use at home to carry over what was being taught in the classroom.

In September, Jakob attended 2 days a week, by January; he attended 3 days a week.  Now this September, Jakob is there all 5 days, and he could not be happier.  He absolutely loves it there.  The staff at Little Tot Nursery School is top notch.  They cater to the needs of each individual child, no matter what the socialization or intelligence level.  The staff is helping me with the most important job of molding Jakob into the person I want him to be…  himself.


Rachel Marer
Mom to Jakob (class of 2007)
Joshua (class of 2009)
Madelyn (class of 2010)  YIKES!  That seems like such a long time away!  Remind me of that when I’m sobbing my eyes out on her graduation day!  J

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