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What Parents Are Saying . . .

To Mrs.. D and all the other student teachers at Little Tots,

I want to let you all know how much my husband and I love that our son, Bryce was able to attend Little Tots pre-school. When Bryce started school he was not used to interacting with kids his own age and had problems with stuttering and speaking in the third person. Since his time at Little Tots, he know longer stutters and does not refer to himself third person when he speaks. We find that when he is home he is singing songs and teaching my husband and I activities that he has learned at school. He is much better with sharing and has made some really good friends and looks forward to his days at school when he can see them again. There are some things he has shown me that I didn't even know he knew,and I am impressed with the level of knowledge he has at only three years old.


People often ask me why I drive so far to take Jake to preschool. "Don't you have any schools where you live?" they say. And I always reply with the same answer, "Of course, but Little Tot is the BEST."

Ms. Borrero has a true gift in her ability to create and implement a program that works for EVERY child at Little Tot. Jake has some special needs and challenging behaviors and I was very nervous to send him to preschool. However, Ms. Borrero assured me that she and her staff would find ways to help Jake succeed. He has come so far, and Little Tot is the safe, nurturing environment that let him be who he is and figure out school at his own pace. I am so grateful to have this wonderful school and these fabulous women educating Jake. I am confident that he has gained the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful Kindergartner in the fall.

And during that same fall, Cameron will start Little Tot, a little adventurer who already thinks he runs the school. Ms. Borrero and the staff at Little Tot will have their hands full with him but I know they are up to the challenge!

We are truly fortunate to have a Nationally Accredeted, licensed, nursery school program in our area. I am so thankful to Ms. Borrero and the staff at Little Tot for providing a quality early childhood program at an affordable price. And for taking the time to make Little Tot well worth the drive. You truly are the BEST!

- Amy Spairana

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