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What Parents Are Saying . . .

I love Little Tots, from the colorful classroom to the friendly faces. My son Connor wasn't interested at all in learning. We played games with him and tried to make it fun but we had no luck, he would rather do anything else. Until Little Tots, Connor walked in on the first day of school and realized hows much fun it was to learn. Now, we fight with him on the weekends because there is no school. Connor has learned so much, and he wants to tell everyone the things he has learned. He loves to sing his ABC's and count EVERYTHING! He has not only learned academically he has also made some great friends at Little Tots including Mrs. D and Ms. Ara. Little Tots has done great things for Connor and all the kids that are lucky enough to go there and Mrs. D has turned it into a top notch preschool. Thanks!

Maribeth & Ryan Fogarty Collin class of 2006 Connor Class of 2009 Addison & Emma class of 2012

I graduated from Little Tot in 1979. I still have memories of riding around in circles on the little tricycles in the play yard, sitting in the yellow plastic "cubbie" reading books with my best friend, and waiting for the snack fairy to tap my head with his or her magic star wand.

Fast forward 30 years, my boys, Jake and Cameron, have each taken their turns on those tricycles, have read in the yellow cubbie, and have excitedly shared with me when they got to be snack fairy.

While traditions continue at Little Tot, things certainly have not remained the same! In the four years that I have been a parent to Little Tot students, the school has undergone quite a transformation. Not only in the building itself, but in the new toys, an ever changing and adapting curriculum, a phenomenal teaching assistant, music and dance classes, and so much more!!!

Mrs. Donmez has done a fabulous job balancing tradition with developmentally appropriate activities and learning opportunities. She has a true gift in her ability to create and implement a program that works for EVERY child at Little Tot. From the shyest special needs child to the most outgoing character (yes, I am describing my two boys!), Mrs. D knows how to adapt to make it work for them all!!!

I am so thrilled to have Little Tot as place we can all call our own, for it has given all of us a great start and fabulous memories. I can't wait to sign Kyle in 2011!!!

Thank you for all you have done for my children and our family. You are the BEST!

- Amy

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