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I love Little Tots, from the colorful classroom to the friendly faces. My son Connor wasn't interested at all in learning. We played games with him and tried to make it fun but we had no luck, he would rather do anything else. Until Little Tots, Connor walked in on the first day of school and realized hows much fun it was to learn. Now, we fight with him on the weekends because there is no school. Connor has learned so much, and he wants to tell everyone the things he has learned. He loves to sing his ABC's and count EVERYTHING! He has not only learned academically he has also made some great friends at Little Tots including Mrs. D and Ms. Ara. Little Tots has done great things for Connor and all the kids that are lucky enough to go there and Mrs. D has turned it into a top notch preschool. Thanks!

Maribeth & Ryan Fogarty Collin class of 2006 Connor Class of 2009 Addison & Emma class of 2012

Our Beginning

img-bettypics0001Little Tot Nursery School, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Betty J. Petronis. Mrs. Petronis operated the Nursery out of her home until 1974 when it moved to its permanent location on the corner of 5th avenue and 114th street in Troy, New York. Mrs. Petronis held both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Education.

For 34 years, she instilled the love of learning in to the hearts of hundreds of children. In this section of our website you can view several pictures and newspaper articles written over the first 34 years of the school's history.

I am sure you will be just as impressed and inspired by Mrs. Petronis as I was. Because she taught me to love learning when I was her student, I now am able to continue the Little Tot tradition for many more years to come! Enjoy the photos and news articles.








The Hop-A-Thon

The Hop-A-Thon was an annual event for Little Tot students. By counting how many hops the children did, this annual event raised thousands of dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association!








Day Light Savings Time...What's that?

"Betty Petronis shows 4-year old Jason Legnard, son of Edward and Linda Ledgnard of Lansinburgh, how to turn the clock back so that he and his family will be on time when they awake Sunday morning. Daylight savings time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday. Don't forget to turn your clock back one hour tonight before going to bed."

- Troy Record








A Trip to a Shoe Shop!


"Youngsters from the Little Tot Nursery School in Troy recently visited Robert Gagliardi's leather and shoe repaid shop. In photo at left, gagilardi explains shoe repairs to the class; in the center photo, he helps four year old Erin Scheff make a design in leather; adna at right, he displays a leather design to the youngsters. "I showed them how to hold craft tools and shine shoes and let them use a rawhide hammer", Gagliardi said. How many youngsters visited his shop? "I think there were about 36 of them," Gagliardi said, "because that's how many Sugar Daddies I gave out".

- Troy Record




Nursery Schools:
More than Just Play

This article was written in the 70's. It talks about the importance of Nursery School, and how children LEARN through play and a high quality curriculum.
















Nursery Schools - More than Play (Part 2)


Little Tot Graduation 1974


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